Friend Your Mom

There was a time, long before motherhood, where I thought that the world revolved around me. Face it. We all thought so at one point or another.

We were the coolest of the cool. Whether it was parachute pants, big hair, rocking all denim, or singing along to your favorite boy band, we’ve all been there. And our styles? Well, that was another story. “Mom” always got a bad rap. Her style was always goofy and our’s was awesome and new age, right? Okay. Fast forward time a bit and where are you now? In Mom’s shoes, eh?

I caught myself browsing through the store the other day and noticed that retailers are bringing back my childhood – yes, really! The cartoons, the bands, even the gaming systems! There were t-shirts depicting everything from Atari and TMNT to the good MTV and The Goonies! Needless to say, I thought that it was pretty great. THEN I realized that the same items were also available in my toddler’s sizes! Here’s where it gets better – I bought both! It’s funny how the same exact thing can be taken so differently depending upon the person. Me, I seem to be stuck in the past. The kids, they’re kickin’ it old school. They’re into the vintage gear. They’ve got style. Me, I’m just “Mom.”

We’ve all had our styling faux pas but I’m not afraid to embrace it. Are you?


The Zales Friend Your Mom campaign is showcasing all of our crazy antics to remind the world that despite all of our ups and downs, Mom loved us through everything, even the awkward stages. Even these ones who shall not be named…

Are you friends with your mom? Friend Your Mom on Facebook, join the movement and show the world this Mother’s Day that you love her just as much as she loved you through every awkward stage in life. You can even ENTER TO WIN her a gift from Zales: the Diamond Store! Sweepstakes ends Thursday 5/9.