A “Does-It-All” Stroller Would be Pretty “Joovy,” Right?

As a momma of two, I’ve been through my fair share of strollers yet, still have been unable to find one that truly does it all… until now. I recently had the chance to try out a wonderful all-in-one stroller from a pretty amazing company and, well, let’s just say that it has already made our summer. Yes, even before it (technically) begins. Pretty “Joovy,” right?


The Joovy CocoonX2 covers all of the bases and then some. It is your traditional double stroller, a quick jogger, and an impeccable bicycle trailer all within one single product. It’s hard to believe, huh? It sounds too good to be true, eh? Well, here it is…

Orangie Stock

Now, I have always been a bit apprehensive when it came to children’s bike trailers. Safety, of course, has always been a concern along with the simple fact that most can only be used as exactly that – a bike trailer. For those of you that have children, I’m sure that you know how well (not!) long stroller trips can go. Most kids aren’t too thrilled with being buckled in for long periods of time and keeping them as such can often ruin an outing. With typical bike trailers, you can only bike. Walking and using it as a stroller is darn near impossible unless you don’t mind apologizing to every passerby for unintentionally stabbing them in their legs with the protruding trailer bar. Joovy has solved that issue and certainly gone above and beyond with the CocoonX2.

1 (500x332)

In addition to it being, in my opinion, THE best children’s bicycle trailer on the market today, it is also a wonderful jogger. To switch between modes, all you have to do is simply swap out the front attachments and voila! There is plenty of space to comfortably fit two children and even a few personal goodies.

6 (500x332)

And, yes, it is still the perfect everyday stroller, too. With more than enough room to stow away all of the necessities for any outing, the Joovy CocoonX2 has taken care of everything.

13 (500x332)

From its ease of use and multiple accessories to the storage space and huge “windows,” this combination stroller has been and is my favorite children’s product to date. Check out my full review, here, over at Eighty MPH Mom. And never to leave safety at bay, in addition to the CocoonX2, you can now keep your little ones extra safe with the new Joovy Noodle! These adorable little helmets will surely top off your ride.


And, as if I haven’t already given you enough Joovy news, head on over to check out fellow Joovy Mom, Nancy of The Mama Maven, in this month’s Joovy Blogger Spotlight!

Friend Your Mom

There was a time, long before motherhood, where I thought that the world revolved around me. Face it. We all thought so at one point or another.

We were the coolest of the cool. Whether it was parachute pants, big hair, rocking all denim, or singing along to your favorite boy band, we’ve all been there. And our styles? Well, that was another story. “Mom” always got a bad rap. Her style was always goofy and our’s was awesome and new age, right? Okay. Fast forward time a bit and where are you now? In Mom’s shoes, eh?

I caught myself browsing through the store the other day and noticed that retailers are bringing back my childhood – yes, really! The cartoons, the bands, even the gaming systems! There were t-shirts depicting everything from Atari and TMNT to the good MTV and The Goonies! Needless to say, I thought that it was pretty great. THEN I realized that the same items were also available in my toddler’s sizes! Here’s where it gets better – I bought both! It’s funny how the same exact thing can be taken so differently depending upon the person. Me, I seem to be stuck in the past. The kids, they’re kickin’ it old school. They’re into the vintage gear. They’ve got style. Me, I’m just “Mom.”

We’ve all had our styling faux pas but I’m not afraid to embrace it. Are you?


The Zales Friend Your Mom campaign is showcasing all of our crazy antics to remind the world that despite all of our ups and downs, Mom loved us through everything, even the awkward stages. Even these ones who shall not be named…

Are you friends with your mom? Friend Your Mom on Facebook, join the movement and show the world this Mother’s Day that you love her just as much as she loved you through every awkward stage in life. You can even ENTER TO WIN her a gift from Zales: the Diamond Store! Sweepstakes ends Thursday 5/9.

Car Seat Safety Tips and Britax Giveaway

Logo (500x278)

As many of you already know, I recently had the opportunity to review the Britax Frontier 85 SICT Harness-2-Booster seat for the Eighty MPH Mom website. It is, by far, my favorite seat on the market for our little one’s age and size. Check out the full review here for all of the details and a chance to win your very own!


Now, as promised, this is the long-awaited “Part 2” follow-up to the original post. Child passenger safety is at the forefront of my mind the second we set foot out of our door and into any vehicle. I could, very likely, go on for days rambling off all of the car seat world’s faux-pas as well as positive points. However, had I touched on these in the original post, it would have made for quite the lengthy read. Alas, “Part 2” has finally arrived.

Below is a quick compilation of some of the most necessary car seat tips as well as current recommendations and/or laws that will help keep your child safer while traveling.

1. Choose the right seat!

                 Right Seat - NHTSA

*Photo credit: National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration

2. Never buy a used car seat!
Unless you’re doing so from a very close family member or friend, there is no way to tell if a seat has been involved in a car accident, thus making it unsafe for use. Also, car seats DO have expiration dates that need to be taken into account. Expired seats need to be disposed of properly and are not adequate for use after its expiry date.

3. Read the manual!
The most common problem with car seats is the simple misuse by parents. Be sure to read your seat’s (and vehicle’s) manual to insure proper installation before ever getting your little one into the car.

4. No jackets!
Winter coats are a big no-no because they do not allow for the correct tension of the straps on your child. Instead of risking your child’s safety, take the few extra minutes to warm up the vehicle before getting in.

5. Fit your child correctly!
If the harness and straps are not positioned correctly on your child, the seat is not able to fully do its job in protecting your precious passenger.

6. Extended rear-facing!
Do NOT turn your child forward-facing prior to their second birthday. The old recommendation was one-year-old AND a minimum of twenty pounds but studies have shown that extended rear-faced riding greatly benefits the child where safety is concerned. The current recommendation is to keep your child in the rear-faced position until they outgrow the seat’s limits or are, at least, two-years-old and twenty pounds.

7. Boostering is still a necessary step!
Many parents are forgoing the boostering step because they believe that their child is old and/or big enough to ride with just the vehicle’s seat belt. Most children, however, do not meet the requirements for this until closer to the early teenage years. For a reference point – I, as well as many women I know, could still (technically) ride boostered.

8. Wear your own seat belt!
Not only will you be setting a good example for your child but you will also be protecting them further in the event of a crash. Unbelted passengers, when involved in an accident, can become projectiles themselves and cause injury to accompanying passengers, including children in car seats.

9. Keep your vehicle clean!
To touch again on projectiles in the car, if your vehicle is clean, there are less (if any) objects that could cause injury to you and/or your passengers during a crash. Everything from your cell phone to your child’s sippy cup is a possible danger.

10. No after-market products!
There are a slew of after-market products designed to, both, entertain and create extra comfort for your child. Just about all of these products are unsafe! Please, do your research before purchasing anything that did not come with your child’s seat.

Knowing what is best for your child comes with the territory of parenthood but, as much as we’d hate to admit it, we don’t always know it all. Fix that. Make yourself knowledgeable about passenger safety for, both, your child as well as yourself. Then, share that knowledge with others in an effort to keep children everywhere safe.

Bounce Your Way into the New Year with a Giveaway!

Alright, who is up for an amazingly awesome giveaway? Raise your hands! Boy, do I have something in store for you!

Last month, I was given the opportunity to review a product for a pretty great shop. Not only did doing so turn me onto their company but it also provided my children with an extra holiday gift. Unbeknownst to me, this gift turned into a life saver throughout the frigid weather and then some. As the mother of two boys, time spent cooped up indoors is an experience that can, at times, nearly make me want to pull my hair out or scream at the top of my lungs. Both actions, of course, being big “no-no’s” in our home. Boys, or at least my boys, very rarely sit still. Playing with cars becomes a destruction derby event, blocks get repeatedly knocked down, and the kids are still trying to comprehend the fact that, despite their best efforts, they cannot actually fly. Getting them to play nicely, peacefully, and quietly together is a task that is much easier said than done. Thankfully, that is where Magic Cabin comes in.


We were given the opportunity to review the Magic Cabin Spiro Bouncer. As a new-age seesaw that combines bouncing and spinning into the mix of the classic up-and-down motion toy. The thing that hooked me is its ease of use and its ability to be used anywhere that it will adequately fit. In the midst of winter and with the cool temperatures upon us, we set ours up indoors. The kids absolutely LOVE it! It’s great that it allows them to play safely and warmly inside while burning their pent up, winter-blues energy.

Spiro Bouncer 2

Check out my full review over on the Eighty MPH Mom website to read in depth and don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a Spiro Bouncer of your very own! A $99 value, yours for free! The contest runs through the weekend and one lucky winner will be chosen to start their New Year off magically with Magic Cabin!

GelaSkins Has You Covered


So, who remembers my previous post featuring GelaSkins? Well… they’re baaack! And just in time for the holidays!

GelaSkins has recently launched the addition of skins for the iPad mini along with skins and HardCases for the iPhone5 to their already stellar line of products. I got so many compliments after reviewing and using their HardCase for the iPhone4 that they’ve graciously granted me the opportunity to share their newest deals with you!

My favorite would have to be their Buy Three, Get One Free deal. It is good for, both, skins and HardCases and allows you to get something for everyone without spending a fortune. Needless to say, we’ve filled our Christmas stockings with GelaSkins this year and even managed to snag a gift for ourselves. Look familiar?


My site’s photo came out wonderfully and is a stunning design for our iPad. The skin fit perfectly around every feature and, even after being used by two children, is very durable. I have never been a fan of skins due to the fact that most brands’ adhesive ends up getting left behind. However, GelaSkins is different. One of the gift pieces that I picked up was for Daddy’s phone. He is one of those guys that do not feel the need to read directions and, of course, this resulted in him placing, removing, and re-placing his new skin a number of times. And, get this – it still worked! No matter how times he repeated this process the skin still came out perfectly with no bubbles, creases, scratches, rips, or tears! See for yourself…


Now, as I am sure you all know well, GelaSkins has everything and everyone covered, literally. From phones and iPads to iPods, laptops, gaming, and everything else you can certainly find something that is right for you.






And if, by some chance, you cannot – no worries! You can create your own! Using photos of your children, loved ones, and pets or even your very own artwork, you can create your own masterpiece to cover whatever item your little heart desires. It’s a win-win! Speaking of – wait for it! – we, here at Son-kissed, are offering you a chance to do exactly that!

GelaSkins - Protection with Style. Not Bulk.

One lucky reader will win a gift certificate just in time to pick out or create a brand new GelaSkins to start off your New Year right!

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Have You Forgotten?

I enjoyed my Thanksgiving holiday (and Black Friday) with family. Only in America do we wait in line for hours on end and run through stores like bulls in a china shop to buy new things mere hours after celebrating and being thankful for the things that we already have. The time spent with my family is certainly worth way more than any amount of money I would or could save. These days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have most folks covered – or do they? Children, husband, wife, parents, in-laws, siblings, nieces and nephews, grandparents… forget anyone? Now, don’t get me wrong, the shopping and saving are great but the holidays are so much more than that. One particular group of people that oftentimes gets left off of our shopping lists is the one that should be atop that very list – our service members. If it weren’t for them, we would not have the freedom to celebrate the holidays.

Luckily, thanks to them, we can and we do. Now shouldn’t that, at the very least, grant them the right to make it onto your precious gift list? Our service members go without so that we don’t have to. What if you could change that? What if you could bring home and the holidays to them? Would you?

“Just tell us you love us, and never forget.
To fight for our rights back at home while we’re gone,
To stand your own watch, no matter how long.
For when we come home, either standing or dead,
To know you remember we fought and we bled.
Is payment enough, and with that we will trust,
That we mattered to you as you mattered to us.”

It is the simplest things – the things that we take for granted – that mean the most to them. They deserve so much more thanks and gratitude than they’re ever given. That is why I am honored to be able to share this with all of you.

MissYourVoice is a company that was started by the wife of a service member. Growing up as an Army brat, Amanda was brought up with a heightened sense of respect and admiration for our troops, as we all should have. After marrying into the military life and being on the front lines here at home she launched MissYourVoice as a way to help bring joy to those stationed overseas. I know firsthand that mail call is one of the most looked forward to parts of the day for a deployed service member. Letters are lovely to receive but being handed a care package is equivalent to a child opening a holiday gift. Many donation care packages are sent out in bulk, but MissYourVoice goes above and beyond. These packages are gifts. Every single package is hand crafted and personalized for its recipient from you. Photographs of loved ones, favorite snacks, letters – it is all designed specifically with your service member in mind. It may not seem like much, but a little creativity goes a long way.

Over the past three years, Amanda has single-handedly designed, put together, and shipped over 1,200 care packages to deployed service members all over the world. That being a remarkable feat on its own, she still makes sure to cater to your needs and to make each and every package unique for its recipient. Having fun with the packaging and the décor allows the service members to have fun with it as well. I believe that the presentation of a gift is a gift in itself. MissYourVoice offers a fun, innovative way to get people involved in supporting our troops. By adding an aspect of excitement to what is, otherwise, just a normal piece of mail, it is easy to get people interested and involved. MissYourVoice has made quite an impact on social media (Facebook and Twitter) as well as military support pages where Amanda educates others on fun and unique ways to support our service members.

“Not only does it help mend the gap between families separated by duty; it also allows supporters to help support other service members in the same fashion.”
– Amanda Farrell, MissYourVoice

Aside from helping to reach our loved ones overseas, MissYourVoice offers their Sponsorship Program for those that do not have any deployed service members in their lives. This allows civilians to thank and help brighten the day of service members in need. As a child, I remember writing many letters addressed to “Any Soldier” and the MissYourVoice Sponsorship Program is basically the same idea but on a grander scale. The contents usually don’t seem to matter. All that really matters is that they are getting something, anything, to make them feel a little closer to home.

I have been a huge fan of MissYourVoice for quite some time but was recently granted the opportunity to have a deployed friend of mine review these wonderful care packages. Offering a wide range of designs, MissYourVoice has something for everyone. Matthew, a U.S. service member, received the Thanksgiving package, and in perfect timing might I add! He is scheduled to be deployed for quite some time so this gift, filled with tons of goodies, has definitely put a smile on his face.


MissYourVoice is currently offering Christmas, winter, and New Year themed packages along with numerous designs for special occasions and “just because” moments. The “Thank You” package is a favorite that can be sent year round.

Whether it is a loved one, a friend, or simply a stranger, all of our service members need to know that we are thinking about them, that we care about them, and that we are here for them. They are the backbone of our country. So for all of you that thought your holiday shopping lists were complete, I’ll ask you again. Have you forgotten anyone?

MissYourVoice is, once again, helping to spread the joy by giving one Son-kissed reader the chance to brighten the day of a service member. One of you will win a large MissYourVoice package just in time for the winter holidays!

Enter here! –> a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Dedicated to every single service member that I have had the honor to meet, know, and love. United States Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard – this is for you. Thank you. My sincerest gratitude always, because freedom isn’t free.

Give Your Children the World with Little Passports

Let’s face it; we all want to give our children the world. While that may mean gumdrops, lollipops and an infinite amount of toys for some, I on the other hand cannot and will not hand my children the glitz and glam on a silver platter. Life is difficult and there is a corresponding down for every up. Now, while I cannot explain the laws of physics or the basics of psychology to a preschooler I can teach him the basic principles of life.

Since finding out about their impending arrivals we began a collection of items for them. It does not include matchbox cars or stuffed animals, though they have accumulated quite a collection of those as well. I wanted to compile a gathering of items that had much more value that was, both, meaningful and educational. This is where our “traveling” began. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to jet set around the world but we did and do have many friends and family members across the country and abroad. Enlisting their help in gathering native items has sent our collection through the roof and thus began our journey around the world – from the comfort of our own home.

Our children have become enamored with our globe from each and every state to every single continent. Making geography interesting for children is much easier said than done but, thankfully, that is where Little Passports comes in. Little Passports is a global adventure subscription package that brings the world to your child’s fingertips.


“Inspire a love and understanding of the world as your child learns about geography, history, culture, and language in a fun and memorable way.”

Our Little Passports suitcase has already been packed full of our favorite goodies from abroad to go along with the passport, world map, and letter from Sam and Sofia. In the letter, they explain that they are about to embark on a grand adventure. Throughout their adventure they send back monthly – yes, monthly – souvenirs, activity sheets, and letters about each country. Little Passports really is that proverbial gift that keeps on giving and, more importantly, it is educational.

Offering, both, World Edition and USA Edition subscription plans ($10.95 and up), your little one will surely develop a love for the world around them. Not only does it open up the door for learning but it will take you on a whirlwind adventure that is full of excitement and countless opportunities to celebrate. The world is so much more than what is just outside of our windows and allowing our children to gain an understanding of that at a young age is one of the greatest gifts that you could ever give.


Speaking of…

How would you like to win one for yourself? Little Passports is giving one Son-kissed reader a World Edition 3-Month Explorer plan, a $41.85 ARV! As always, make sure that you keep up with them through social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest – for more chances to win.

Click here –> a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Randi received the above product(s), free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of reviewer only.

Are You a “Tomboy?”

Tomboy noun /tom·boy/: a girl who behaves in a manner usually considered boyish

Is that such a bad thing? Growing up in Jersey, I learned to be “tough” at a very young age. We all did. The whole lot of us – athletes, musicians, bookworms, beauty queens, it didn’t matter. New Jerseyans get stereotyped, a LOT. From Godfather nods to the, ever so infamous, Jersey Shore gang but none of it ever truly hits the nail on the head. Jersey girls are much, much more than that but the bottom line is that we will never back down. We were born tough and, in a way, we are all tomboys.

As I am sure you are all aware, New Jersey and much of the East coast was recently torn to shreds during last month’s Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, our “tough guy” (or girl) persona has made things that much easier on us despite the surrounding devastation. We are Jersey strong and we will rebuild. Now, as trivial as it may sound, in my home the act of building or fixing anything poses a slight problem. I’m lucky enough to have my very own, personal mechanic but that means that our garage is a disaster area in itself. Finding a screwdriver is comparable to going on a three-day scavenger hunt in the Amazon. When a tool is eventually found it is almost guaranteed to be covered in oil and grease thus making it near impossible to even consider bringing it indoors to use.

Not too long ago, I came across a company that solves everything. It’s stylish enough to meet the expectations of a Jersey girl, it’s pink so the guys will feel that it is “too girly” for them, and it’s tough enough to fix – or rebuild – anything. Tomboy Tools just solidifies the fact that it is more than okay to be dubbed a “tomboy.” After being founded in 2001, Tomboy Tools has continuously brought opportunities for women to learn, share ideas, and simply have fun. It gives women the tools, literally, to take on tackle every issue from basic home improvement projects and auto repairs to helping restore an entire community.

“Our tools offer something for everyone – whether you are a hobbyist, crafter, painter, gardener, antique dealer, junk aficionado, organizational goddess, or simply need to beautify and maintain your living space – inside or out – Tomboy Tools has products to fit every project need”

Aside from helping to build women’s confidence and allowing them to become their very own Mrs. Fix-It, Tomboy Tools also offers the opportunity for financial gain as well. By partnering with them and joining their already thriving team of direct sales consultants, women can share the greatness of Tomboy Tools and all that it entails while empowering other women, building and gaining confidence, and becoming financially independent.

Tomboy Tools is also a very generous company that is, in fact, Pink for a Purpose. Pink is oftentimes used in conjunction with breast cancer awareness and you can certainly add Tomboy Tools to the list of supporters. However, they go above and beyond the call for action by celebrating and supporting women of all walks of life. A portion of their sales goes directly to a number of charitable organization across the country to support them in their efforts to bring forth awareness and education; prevention and research; and access to treatment, shelter, and support services.

“From shelters to breast cancer research, to skills development and support services Tomboy Tools is committed to being part of the solution.”

Tomboy Tools granted me the opportunity to review their Tomboy Traveler Tool-Kit, and the timing could not have been better. From hurricane preparedness to the aftermath cleanup efforts this kit has all of the basics that you could need including:

  • Wide Mouth Canvas Bag
  • 13 oz. Magnetic Head Hammer
  • 16’ Fractionalized Tape Measure
  • Multi-Bit Ratchet Screwdriver
  • Slip-Joint Pliers
  • Mini Razor Scraper
  • Torpedo Level
  • Rubber Grip Gloves
  • CE Certified Safety Glasses
  • Sanding Block
  • Carpenter’s Pencil


(My son tossed in his own Allen Hex Key so that it could be stored safely in Mommy’s Tool-Kit Bag)

Much like this company, I, too, am adamant about making a difference. A big part about raising children is teaching them to, not only, be good people but to be of good moral character. You can easily judge the character of a person by how they treat those that can do nothing for them. While we were left without power, many have lost their homes completely. Opening our children’s eyes to such a disaster and allowing them the opportunity to help has bettered them, and us. New Jersey shaped who and what I am and, for that, I am darn proud. These days, getting down and dirty and being dubbed “tomboy” is more of an honor than it is an insult.

The Tomboy Tools definition…
Tomboy noun /tom·boy/: a girl who determines her own destiny

I will proudly hold that title if it means helping to restore the shore and put back together the shattered pieces of our neighborhoods. The boardwalk may be in shambles and it is true that the ocean has claimed an entire pier as its own but we are New Jersey and we are strong. We will rebuild, together – and with pink Tomboy Tools in hand.

Son-kissed and Tomboy Tools want YOU to do your part in helping to make our world a better place and we are going to kick start your do-good spirit by giving you the tools to make it all possible – literally. One lucky Son-kissed reader will win the Tomboy Traveler Tool-Kit (ARV of $79!) to get started on your next project, big or small.

Click here to win your very own Tomboy Tools Tomboy Traveler Tool-Kit! –> a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, keep up with them via social media on Facebook and Twitter for more chances to win! And if you are in a generous mood, yourself, you can speak with your local consultant to talk about hosting your very own Fundraiser Tool Party to benefit the American Red Cross: Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund or any charitable organization of your choice!

Scars Can Be Joovy, Too

As a Jersey girl, it was very hard to see Hurricane Sandy rip through and nearly wipe out the entirety that is the Jersey shore. While it has certainly been a heartbreaking experience, I think it may have been hardest on the kids. Toddlers do not understand nor comprehend the severity of natural disasters but simply recognize their inability to play. Rain means you cannot go outside. No electricity means that we get to use flashlights but our pet fish die. Their innocence leaves them unaware of the world aside from what is outside of our windows. Sometimes that may be a good thing.

Building blocks, playing toys, riding bikes; these are all a child’s way of having fun. Unfortunately, you cannot build blocks in the dark, most toys these days require batteries (which we needed to borrow for flashlights), and bicycle rides are darn near impossible when your street has become the ocean.

Luckily, just before the storm hit I, in partnership with Eighty MPH Mom, was granted the opportunity to review the Joovy Bicycoo BMX Balance Bike. And here is a little secret, it works just as perfectly indoors as it does outside! The idea of balance bikes has taken off recently and I am proud to say that I am completely on board as a fan and, now, a Joovy Mom (though I have always thought of myself as quite “joovy”)!

The Bicycoo BMX is, by far, the best balance bike on the market. Traditionally, children learn to ride tricycles before moving onto a bicycle featuring training wheels. It is not until they master four wheels that we even begin teaching them about balance. We all learned how to stand before walking and began to walk before running. Perhaps we have been so set in our ways that we never stopped to realize that we were teaching and learning about bicycling the wrong way all along. Balance should come first, not last. Joovy allows us to start over and fresh, free from any preconceived notions.

Our little one was getting quite frustrated with his decision to have Daddy remove his training wheels. After one too many bumps and bruises he nearly gave up all hope. After only a week or so of riding his new Joovy BMX Balance Bike (indoors and in the dark) he has nearly gotten the hang of his big kid bicycle! I, truly, cannot say enough about this bike and am absolutely thrilled that we finally found the answer to our bicycle troubles. You definitely need to check out my full review on Eighty MPH Mom. There is even a nice, Joovy surprise in store for you just in time for Black Friday (*wink wink*)!

Thankfully, the skies have rejoiced, the sun has come out, and the water has receded just in time. Although many of our towns are still in ruins, we can now better enjoy our family bike rides. And family, after all, is the most important thing. A bike ride may seem trivial to some but, in times like this, having one’s family and friends make it through a natural disaster physically unscathed is a blessing that I will forever be grateful for. A simple bicycle ride and time spent together is something that no one can ever take for granted, especially now.

“Scars are not injuries. Scars are healing. After injury, a scar is what makes you whole.”
-China Miéville

Whether that “scar” is from falling off of a bicycle as a child or from a town being severely impacted by a natural disaster – we do and we will heal, together. Some people see scars and remember a wounding but, instead, we should find proof of the healing. With help from Joovy and their Bicycoo BMX, we have done that. We took the road less traveled that had once become the ocean only to find that, both, our son and our town have begun to heal. He is no longer afraid to ride a bicycle and the town has stood strong. We are Jersey strong. We are Joovy.

Click HERE to win your very own Joovy Bicycoo BMX Balance Bike! (:

Also, keep up with them via social media on Facebook and Twitter for more chances to win!

Lilapops – Review and Giveaway

Little ones love lollipops, it is a common fact. Thankfully, our own children are not very big on candy. Our Easter candy lasts us until Halloween and then that candy lasts until the following Easter. Lollipops, however, are few and far in between. Going to the bank and depositing a piggy bank’s worth of change in exchange for one lollipop each is a big event for our kids. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the fact that they’d choose apple slices over a piece of chocolate but, unfortunately, an apple a day does not actually keep the doctor away.

Kids get sick – play dates, school, the park. Germs seem to spread all too easily when it comes to children. Unfortunately, getting them well again is usually a task that is much easier said than done. Convincing children that medicine tastes “good” is often the most daunting task of caring for a sick child. There are a number of products on the market but, while they may work, are they actually safe for your baby?

I despise having to give (or even take) any type of medicine unless absolutely necessary. I am much more of a drink tea with honey, employ the use of warm washcloths, herbal bags, and simply resting – oh, do I miss my sleep! You can find plenty of natural products in these days of the “be green” era but most of them taste awful. Luckily, Lilapops are different.

As a parent of young children, it can be very challenging to find an effective way to soothe a little one’s sore throat while keeping it safe and kid-friendly. Leslie Burket, CEO and creator of Lilapops, had her own children (daughter, Lila, being the inspiration for the name) in mind when launching her very own line of all natural cough drop lollipops for kids.

“We believe that children should feel better in a deliciously fun and healthy way.”
– Leslie Burket, CEO

Recently featured in Parents Magazine, Lilapops are made right here in the USA with honey and marshmallow root. These all natural and non-medicated lollipops are also free of gluten, dairy, egg, and wheat to better satisfy all children. Lilapops contain no artificial dyes or flavors and have no ridiculously yucky preservatives that we cannot pronounce. I know what you’re all thinking – sugar high, right? Wrong! These are not your typical lollipops. Lilapops only include seven grams of sugar! Not only are Lilapops awesomely fun for children but they taste equally as amazing. When we received our package of pops for review we had actually all, conveniently, come down with a cold. Daddy and I were definitely sneaking a few for ourselves, at least until we got caught and heard the effervescent cry of “Mommy! Those are my sick pops!”

Lilapops are a wonderful alternative to OTC medicine for children and adults alike. Since it is a hard candy, I would not recommend it for children under 3-years-old. However, it would be a great source of symptom relief for pregnant and/or nursing mothers as well.

Lilapops have certainly become a huge staple in our medicine cabinet (and diaper bag, too!) and can now make an appearance in yours as well. Of course they are available for purchase through the Lilapops website for an ARV of $8.99 to $19.99 and occasionally up for grabs on their Facebook page, but one lucky Son-kissed reader will win a 3-pack (45 pc.) of Lilapops All Natural Grapeberry Cough Drop Lollipops. Two for you and one to share with a friend! Or three for you if you love them just as much as we do, and you will.

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*Randi received the above product(s), free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of reviewer only.