A “Does-It-All” Stroller Would be Pretty “Joovy,” Right?

As a momma of two, I’ve been through my fair share of strollers yet, still have been unable to find one that truly does it all… until now. I recently had the chance to try out a wonderful all-in-one stroller from a pretty amazing company and, well, let’s just say that it has already made our summer. Yes, even before it (technically) begins. Pretty “Joovy,” right?


The Joovy CocoonX2 covers all of the bases and then some. It is your traditional double stroller, a quick jogger, and an impeccable bicycle trailer all within one single product. It’s hard to believe, huh? It sounds too good to be true, eh? Well, here it is…

Orangie Stock

Now, I have always been a bit apprehensive when it came to children’s bike trailers. Safety, of course, has always been a concern along with the simple fact that most can only be used as exactly that – a bike trailer. For those of you that have children, I’m sure that you know how well (not!) long stroller trips can go. Most kids aren’t too thrilled with being buckled in for long periods of time and keeping them as such can often ruin an outing. With typical bike trailers, you can only bike. Walking and using it as a stroller is darn near impossible unless you don’t mind apologizing to every passerby for unintentionally stabbing them in their legs with the protruding trailer bar. Joovy has solved that issue and certainly gone above and beyond with the CocoonX2.

1 (500x332)

In addition to it being, in my opinion, THE best children’s bicycle trailer on the market today, it is also a wonderful jogger. To switch between modes, all you have to do is simply swap out the front attachments and voila! There is plenty of space to comfortably fit two children and even a few personal goodies.

6 (500x332)

And, yes, it is still the perfect everyday stroller, too. With more than enough room to stow away all of the necessities for any outing, the Joovy CocoonX2 has taken care of everything.

13 (500x332)

From its ease of use and multiple accessories to the storage space and huge “windows,” this combination stroller has been and is my favorite children’s product to date. Check out my full review, here, over at Eighty MPH Mom. And never to leave safety at bay, in addition to the CocoonX2, you can now keep your little ones extra safe with the new Joovy Noodle! These adorable little helmets will surely top off your ride.


And, as if I haven’t already given you enough Joovy news, head on over to check out fellow Joovy Mom, Nancy of The Mama Maven, in this month’s Joovy Blogger Spotlight!

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