GelaSkins Has You Covered


So, who remembers my previous post featuring GelaSkins? Well… they’re baaack! And just in time for the holidays!

GelaSkins has recently launched the addition of skins for the iPad mini along with skins and HardCases for the iPhone5 to their already stellar line of products. I got so many compliments after reviewing and using their HardCase for the iPhone4 that they’ve graciously granted me the opportunity to share their newest deals with you!

My favorite would have to be their Buy Three, Get One Free deal. It is good for, both, skins and HardCases and allows you to get something for everyone without spending a fortune. Needless to say, we’ve filled our Christmas stockings with GelaSkins this year and even managed to snag a gift for ourselves. Look familiar?


My site’s photo came out wonderfully and is a stunning design for our iPad. The skin fit perfectly around every feature and, even after being used by two children, is very durable. I have never been a fan of skins due to the fact that most brands’ adhesive ends up getting left behind. However, GelaSkins is different. One of the gift pieces that I picked up was for Daddy’s phone. He is one of those guys that do not feel the need to read directions and, of course, this resulted in him placing, removing, and re-placing his new skin a number of times. And, get this – it still worked! No matter how times he repeated this process the skin still came out perfectly with no bubbles, creases, scratches, rips, or tears! See for yourself…


Now, as I am sure you all know well, GelaSkins has everything and everyone covered, literally. From phones and iPads to iPods, laptops, gaming, and everything else you can certainly find something that is right for you.






And if, by some chance, you cannot – no worries! You can create your own! Using photos of your children, loved ones, and pets or even your very own artwork, you can create your own masterpiece to cover whatever item your little heart desires. It’s a win-win! Speaking of – wait for it! – we, here at Son-kissed, are offering you a chance to do exactly that!

GelaSkins - Protection with Style. Not Bulk.

One lucky reader will win a gift certificate just in time to pick out or create a brand new GelaSkins to start off your New Year right!

Enter here! –> a Rafflecopter giveaway


7 thoughts on “GelaSkins Has You Covered

  1. sandra davis says:

    great giveaway……i love the marble gelskin for the samsung captivate….happy new years to you and your family

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