Preschool Gems

Our little one is starting pre-k this year and, biased or not, he is definitely a precious little gem. Preschoolers have a knack for speaking honestly and without hesitation. Sure, it gets them into trouble quite often but sometimes you can’t help but laugh.

My son once told us that an obese man had “bigger boobies than Mommy!” When his Daddy didn’t get home from work at the usual time he  “called” him on a toy phone to say “Hurry up Dad! You take too long!” After telling him that I was going to take a toy away from him and his brother, he answered me with “You can’t take it from me, Mommy. I’m faster than you.” Apparently I need to stop letting him win all of our “races” and apparently I’ve rubbed off on him. My very own blatant honesty and sarcasm is now coming back to haunt me straight from the mouth of my very own sweet baby boy.

Preschool Gems, a new book by Leslie McCollom, takes all of the in best things that kids say and compiles them into one hilarious read. You definitely need to check out my review over at Eighty MPH Mom to get all of the details!


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