Meet Randi

Jennifer Regan, over at Eighty MPH Mom, runs an amazing website and I’m proud to announce that I now have the opportunity to work with her. The blogosphere is filled with hundreds of thousands of mommy bloggers but she’s always been a favorite of mine. I’m thrilled to be contributing over at her page and honored to be writing for and learning from such a successful and wonderful woman. Hopefully I, and Son-kissed, will follow in suit and become just as much of a staple in your lives as her site is for mine. I’m definitely looking forward to this new journey and, in turn, a new friendship. I’ll be linking you guys over to her page from time to time so feel free to stop by and say “hello.” Be sure to let her know that I sent you! To get you on your way you can head over to check out my official introductory post: Meet Randi

Eighty MPH Mom


You can also connect with her here…

Eighty MPH Mom on Facebook 

@EightyMPHMom on Twitter


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