I Like It

I like love stories, acoustic guitars, long walks on the beach….. and then the alarm clock goes off, ha!

Back to school time is just around the corner for some and that means we’ll be starting it for the very first time as parents. Growing up, I always liked school and I hope to instill the same love for learning unto my own children.

Last summer I came across a little company called Boom Boom! Cards who’s mission is to spread random acts of kindness throughout with their collection of “game” cards. Their mission led me to launch my own that took nearly a year to complete.

The image (above) speaks for itself but I decided to take it one step further by enlisting help from former classmates, alumni and companies alike. Our current economy has definitely been tough on everyone but even more so for our school systems. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to try to do our part to help and preserve the same great education that we had for our future generations – even if that meant one crayon box, one notebook, or one package of pencils at a time.

We had some amazing donations coming from every direction. There was a very generous gift to benefit the music department, which is very close to my heart (closet band geek here, shh). Carolina Pad is a wonderful school and office supply company that very graciously donated a slew of supplies for the students themselves. The walls of the schools are now beautifully spruced up thanks to Dali Decals (a personal favorite for, well, decals). Of course we cannot forget the contributions made by the alumni themselves. We had everything from crayons and pencils to notebooks and classroom necessities like Boogie Wipes. Pilot Pen and Classroom Products Warehouse happily supplied the faculty with writing utensils and instructional materials. The most unique donation would have had to be the I Like Book courtesy of, founder, Meredith Looney. The idea behind it is to simply write down the things that you like about someone. It’s a genius concept that fit in perfectly with our simple idea of random kindness.

By the end of our mission we had over fifteen hundred pounds of school supplies to hand deliver. A group of us pulled up with a U-Haul trailer in tow to surprise our former schools, faculty and students with the donations. It was an amazing experience as a whole but being able to bring our children along to simply walk the same halls that we once did made it much more special.

As we grow, so many people seem to forget their roots and, even more so, the people who helped them along the way. Elementary, middle and high schools are filled to the brim with men and women who deserve so much more thanks and gratitude than they’re ever given. Even more frequently in life we completely miss the opportunity to thank people because for one reason or another we become “too busy.” I, myself, have been guilty of that from time to time but I’d like to change that – even if that now means one blog reader at a time.

Now, I challenge you, and your families, to help me spread the kindness. One random act at a time is all that it takes. One “thank you,” one letter or even as simply as one smile. So, in the words of Bob Dylan, “keep on keepin’ on,” and best of luck to you and yours in the name of extending kindness towards others – family, friend, or stranger.



This mission was dedicated to Mr. Robert R. Neidig & Mrs. Nancy L. Bartle, two outstanding educators, for everything they’ve done and everything they were.

A special thanks to Cathy Conicella, Peggy Farlow, Robert Wilson, Joseph Gentile, Timothy VanCuren and Fabian Brown, among others.


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